Director's Message

Dear Friends,
St. Joseph’s Community College is a unique venture of the Jesuits of Karnataka Province. It is unique in many ways. It imparts skill based education. It has students from wide variety of spectrum such as those completed 8th std to post-graduates, rural and urban, failed, drop outs and passed, 17 years and above, of poor and lower middle class, belonging to various religious faiths etc., The community college has such variety of people mainly because it is a institution by the community and for the community.

St. Joseph’s Community College was started as response to the present plight of the semi-educated and school drop-out youth in the slums of Bangalore and in the remote parts of Karnataka struggling to gain some livelihood. The College has been able to reach out to these people in the last seven years quite successfully. At present there is an effort to consolidate and strengthen various skills with variety of aspects. The college envisages reaching out to a large number of people in the days to come.

The candidates who get admitted to St. Joseph’s community college get holistic formation. They not only get training in a skill but also language facility in English, basic knowledge in computers, and life coping skills. Moreover the candidates are fortunate to get lot of practical knowledge in the skill and firsthand experience of working in the field through internship. Due to the industry partnership they are absorbed quickly into the job.

St. Joseph’s community college is a hope to the hopeless. It offers another chance or an opportunity for people in life. It wishes to give best to the least and include the excluded. Welcome to St. Joseph’s community college if you wish to enhance yourself with newer skills of work.

Fr. Cyril Raj SJ
Director & Principal SJCC