Community College Hostel – Navachethana & Navaspurthi : St. Joseph’s Community College has the hostel facility for both boys and girls coming from different faraway places. This has been a great boon for them to make their stay a fruitful one by using the given opportunities. They are well taken care by the staff and Jesuits, in order to form them spiritually, intellectually, socially and psychologically. The students staying here, follow their daily time table and learn to speak English by their constant effort. Because of their unwavering efforts, they bloom joyfully by the end of the academic year.

Chapel: The College has a beautiful Chapel for prayer and worship. This Chapel is open for personal prayer to all students irrespective of their creed. Christian students have Holy Mass here. The silent atmosphere in the chapel is conducive for the spiritual growth of the students.

College Ground: Large, spacious and well maintained grounds to play - Hockey, Foot Ball, Volleyball, throw-ball and Cricket pitches are made available to our students.

Computer Lab : The 50 seater computer lab is well equipped with fast internet enabled, networked computers. The students are encouraged to acquire the skills needed to operate applications which help in the learning process. Netiquette and safe computer operation practices are encouraged.

Library: S.J.C.C. is in the process of putting library .There are more than 1500 books related to Community College. The AV room is commonly shared also as Library. There is plan of installing a new library software, introducing new books & magazines.

Campus: St. Joseph Community College is situated in a sprawling campus which houses St. Joseph’s Indian Composite PU College and School. Located on the 2nd floor of the old building, the college comprises of 3 class rooms, an A.V room, an Electrical and Mobile lab, a Beauty Parlor and a Computer lab. Since we are housed in a common campus grounds (football, hockey), Auditoriums, gym and swimming pool are shared by all institutions as per the need.

Counseling Cell: The counseling Cell comprises of Teachers and Counselors from the Montfort College. The challenges faced by the community college students are well addressed by the counselors. They are also helped by the staff of S.J.C.C. who regularly talk to the students and help them to motivate better.

Placement Cell: S.J.C.C. has a dedicated placement cell, which helps the students to find employment after they have completed their courses. We have a team which talks to various companies of corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which has enhanced the job prospects of our students A large no of firms (big & small ) are is touch with the placement cell of S.J.C.C. which help the students to find gainful employment after successful completion of the program. Call 080-42110279 for placement queries.

Swimming Pool : A well maintained swimming pool with full time coaches is one of our attractions. Students are encouraged and trained to compete in various swimming academies.

Electrical Lab : Spacious Lab which can accommodate 32 students, Desks fitted with electric plug points for individual work that is to learn electrical, electronic and Mobile repairs etc, required tools, equipments and software for practical , Old and New electric and electronic devices to learn on, modern methodology of teaching using Audio and video presentations via projection.

Canteen: Two canteens are situated in the campus. The canteens serve vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food. The students can get variety of food items at reasonable prices.

Beauty Culture: A Beauty Culture student is someone who performs manicures, hair cutting, styling, shampooing, makeup or other personal appearance services. They may also operate under the title of hairstylist, hairdresser, manicurist, nail technician, pedicurist, etc. The college Beauty Culture Lab is equipped with Hair Dry Machines, Spa Machine, Manicure & Pedicure Machine etc.

Classrooms: The bright and spacious classrooms are extremely conducive to the learning processes. The classrooms are equipped with state-of-art audio-visual teaching aids with Computer Aided Instruction System.

Piccardo Hall: In addition to the auditorium the institution also has a Piccardo Hall with a seating capacity of 400 students. Seminars, training program and cultural events for a smaller group are conducted here.

Auditorium: Our auditorium has a seating capacity of 800. Excellent sound system along with stage props makes it an ideal venue for institutional programs.