Success Stories

My name is Naveen. I studied in a government school till 12th standard in Kannada medium. Thereafter due to my family situation I wanted to work. Most of my friends had joined the BPO industry and I also wanted to join the same. I attended many interviews but I was rejected by most of them since I didn’t have the necessary skills to qualify. Then I saw in the newspaper an ad from SJCC about the beginning of a job oriented program in collaboration with 247 in the summer of 2012.I attended the interview in the college and got selected for the training program. After six months of intensive training I was able to acquire good communication skills and my soft skills had considerably improved and I was able to find a job thereafter in a small company. At present I work in IBM as a support engineer drawing a salary of Rs.20000. At SJCC I learnt what it is be confident person. Thank you SJCC for making a confident personality and making me dream big.